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Looking!! All PC high lumen T8 160lm/w led light tube

2015-9-30 11:13:49  News from??Shenzhen Benwei Lighting Techonlogy Co.,Ltd  Aothor??admin PV??
T8 LED Tube 4ft All PC high lumen 160lm/w 


l AC power of 100-277V directly.
l Can work with magnetic ballast connect with single tube, just replace starter With ARK LED starter for retrofit.
l Specialized PC cover design for optimal light distribution and smooth visual effect.
l Highly energy efficiency, meet the requirement of ERP and DLC.

I USing SMD5630 leds 160lm/w. 
l Luminous uniform, No Dark Areas, No Flash & ECO-Friendly,Suitable for Supermarket, Counter, Display case, offices, retrofit projects.

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